Effective Leg Workout From Home (No Equipment)

Jose Lardizabal
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Leg Day

The bane of existence to many who work out. 

Although we all practically use our legs day in and day out, a recurring joke always seems to remark how awful doing leg day always becomes. What brought the use of such essential limbs to meet such a stigma? Is it a general lack of strength? Lack of accessibility? Frequency? Well today’s video hopes to curb any of those problems. Follow along with Casi Davis as she shows you how an Effective Leg Workout that you can do From Home. Do this routine for increasing strength and muscle in your legs without the need for any weights or equipment. 

With the current shortage of exercise equipment and possible risk of going to the gym, you don’t need any MORE reason to avoid your leg day. People often despise working out their legs, causing them to put it off, causing them to be VERY sore when they do, thus causing them to despise them even MORE. It’s a vicious cycle that, although unpleasant, can easily overcome. That is why today’s video requires no equipment whatsoever, allowing you to maintain a better frequency to allow you to both build proper strength AND avoid those horrible soreness for days after. Who knows, in being able to easily do a leg workout maybe people can work past the stigma and maybe even learn to love it.


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