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Lookin' to shred right before the holidays? Well, today's your lucky day because this week, Chris Heria demonstrates a super effective and efficient 6-Pack Abs Workout that can be completed in just 6 minutes! Chris understands that life gets busy, and it can be difficult to find the time to get a workout in with everything else going on. This is why he curated a special workout just for you  that targets the abdominal muscle compartment to strengthen your core and burn those calories.

All this workout requires is consistency. It does not utilize any equipment and only ask for 6 minutes of dedication. It can be completed once or even multiple times a day if you're feeling extra motivated. That being said, all breaks are eliminated to both optimize the limited time of the training session and increase the time under tension which will allow for more more calories to be burned. Don't let this scare you though, as the exercises include will either be in 30 second or 60 second intervals depending on their difficulty level which will prevent burn out. Now, make sure to download the Heria Pro app to easily follow along and get started!





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