5 Exercises for INSANE Strength & Muscle

Jose Lardizabal

When looking at their insane feats, gymnasts seem to be of a different breed. Looking at what they can achieve, some may think they are simply built different and only those who are blessed with the build for such a sport can pull off what they do on a daily basis. However, would you believe us if we told you that you too can achieve similar levels of strength with just enough training? Learn these 5 Exercises that will have you building INSANE strength like a gymnast with Olympic medal winner Danell J Leyva. 

Learn from a world level athlete and now amazing performer on what it takes to achieve higher levels of bodily strength. The key to today’s video is not letting up, keeping all exercises in circuit to help them achieve the maximum possible effect. If keeping up the same pace is not as possible for you, of course it’s alright to take some rest time, but the key is to try to keep such breaks to what you need to keep your body in rhythm. All that is important is to build up this strength, starting with what pace and amount you can, and ultimately adding more circuits as you develop in strength. If you keep it up you just might surprise yourself at how far you can eventually get!


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