Burn FAT FAST & EASY | No Treadmill Needed

Jose Lardizabal

We’ve said this countless times by now, but the best way to lose fat is by maintaining a caloric deficit. While the approach of most is to immediately cut out their entire diet or to immediately start jogging, the best way to achieve a proper deficit is through a combination of the two. The secret ingredient to achieve fat loss however is in being consistent in that matter. While your instinct is to hop on a treadmill to help burn fat, it does you no good if you can only get to a treadmill once in a blue moon. Follow along with Chris Heria on how to Burn FAT Fast & Easy with No Treadmill needed whatsoever. 

Again, the treadmill is indeed a powerful tool, but in keeping at a more accessible workout at a higher frequency, you may achieve greater results than you would just hopping on such a machine once a week. Better yet, today’s workout also aims to incorporate a spread of muscles which may help carry over to other exercises. This compounded effect has the potential to reap even greater benefits as you have the chance to work out muscles you normally wouldn’t with running. Now if you’re ready, simply pull up your Thenx App, find today’s video, and let’s get started!

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