5min Home CHEST Workout ANYONE Can Do!

Jose Lardizabal

Hit a plateau with your chest gains? Maybe you need to build from the ground up once more! More often than not, we get caught up in the numbers of your workout- whether it be the amount of reps or the pounds or kilograms you add on. Sometimes, all it takes is a return to form- focusing on the quality of your reps as opposed to simply doing more than before. Join Chris Heria as he does this 5 min Home CHEST Workout ANYONE can do. Learn how to effectively build up your chest with no equipment or weights. 

Now it’s understandable that you’re a bit skeptical about doing a no equipment routine for such a large muscle group in your body. Fret not, as Chris in this video will show you the varied levels of difficulty so you can pick the intensity that best fits you. For beginners, there are easier progressions, while the more advanced can choose to do the main movement. All that matters is focusing on the quality of your reps, so you can definitely work at your own desired pace and difficulty.

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