Replace Your Back Day At The Gym With This Body Weight Workout

While for some people gyms may be beginning to open, there are those who aren’t as fortunate. For others the case may be that you don’t want to risk going just yet as they would bring a large amount of uncertainty in these continually trying times. Whatever your case, today’s video is perfect for you! Join Chris Heria as he shows you how to Replace Your Back Day at the Gym With this Body Weight Workout. in lieu of having to use weights or other specific forms of equipment, all you will need is a place that can support your weight that you can hang from along with your body’s weight.

Follow along as Chris Heria shows you alternatives to exercises commonly used in the gym among many back routines. While not perfectly lining up one to one in terms of substitution, one can argue that even seasoned lifters pose to benefit from these suggested exercises. Due to the replacement of equipment with full on body-weight, more muscles are brought into the fold such as your core, bringing up the intensity of this workout in ways you probably wouldn’t anticipate. As the adage goes- you’re only as strong as your weakest link, the same holds true with working out so why not train things you might be lacking? Each exercise shown not only brings forth a new level of difficulty- as your core and stabilizers are called upon to help bring up your body’s weight- but comes with a possible alternative for those who find the exercise initially too challenging. 


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