Learn How To Flare | THENX 2023

You’ve probably seen this move done at the Olympics before. When a gymnast comes on the screen and lifts their body, they make it seem as if they’ve somehow turned off gravity. You may have even tried this move yourself, only to learn the hard cruelty of gravity. Surely being able to do a “Flare” is no easy task, but it might not be as impossible as you may think. Learn how to flare with Danell Leyva as he teaches you 4 steps to execute such an advanced move.

As he puts it, the point of gymnastics is to make things look effortless. However, as you probably already know, to achieve such effortlessness actually takes an insane amount of effort. You must condition your body enough to make what was once a struggle more achievable. Danell will break down all the intricacies of such a skill, and what it takes to build up the strength necessary to sustain the movement. Now in trying this out you may be disheartened in how challenging such a skill may be to pick up, but fret not. If you start now and keep things up, who knows what heights you may achieve?


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