How to Handstand Longer

Jose Lardizabal
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Have you found yourself hitting a wall when it comes to your handstand training? If you’re wondering whether the wall is literal or figurative, either way today’s video is perfect for you! Join Chris Heria as he shows you how to handstand longer, showing you techniques to bolster your progress. Whether or not you can hold a handstand yet doesn’t matter, as today’s video can be done free-standing or assisted with a wall. Techniques were specifically chosen to help act as a booster shot to your training, drastically improving what you can already do. That being said, if you’re still struggling on how to hold one, visit the Chris Heria channel where he teaches you how to hold one in 5 easy steps:

One of the main problems people have is maintaining time. Most cases, people execute with improper alignment so it is crucial to prevent body bending, which makes everything harder to maintain. It helps to record yourself, in order to easily pinpoint and mend any errors in this regard. That way, it is easier to visualize and maintain a proper “stacked” hold. Today’s workout focuses on techniques that aid in improving balance, alignment and strength. All of these exercises will be done facing the wall, but the goal is to use any form of assistance from it less each time. The final workout of today’s video uses parallettes. If you would like some of your own, they can be found in but if you don’t have any on hand you can also use a stack of books or anything laying around your house that’s stable enough.


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