How To Do Your First Pull Up & Increase Your Reps

For those just tuning in for the first time, you’re going to learn quickly how essential the pull-up is to calisthenics. While not always used, the pull-up is the gateway exercise to various complex movements, so it is essential to learn from the outset. From front levers to muscle ups, prerequisite lat strength is necessary to achieve these skills. If you’re not yet capable of a single pull-up or you’re worried that you can’t do enough, well you’re in luck! Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you How to Do Your First Pull-up & Increase Your Reps. Learn new techniques and tips to help achieve your first pull-up and/or increase your reps in the fastest and most efficient way! 

Even if you’re not a beginner to pull-ups, perhaps you have already plateaued at a certain amount and can’t find a way to do more. This video can also help as going back to basics can possibly help increase your strength in “problem areas” that may be preventing you from squeezing out a few more reps. This video will help in building a strong foundation, so this is the perfect place to start for INSANE lat development. Follow each and every one of these progressions and learn how each specific part leads to you achieving your pull-up! 


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