Home HIIT Leg Workout (Follow Along)

You use your legs every day so there’s no need to put extra effort to work them out right? WRONG! The fact that you use them every day is the perfect excuse to make sure they’re in the best shape! Consisting of over potentially half of your body weight, there’s even less of an excuse. On top of that, working out your legs specifically with high intensity can rack on the benefits so what are you waiting for? Follow along with Magga Braco as she shows you a Home HIIT Leg Workout. Using the newly updated Then App with all new features, watch as she shows you a routine with no equipment necessary.

The benefit of a high intensity interval workout is no matter what level of athleticism you are, you can set the pace. So long as you execute the proper form while sustaining a challenging enough movement, you can reap all benefits HIIT offers! 7 Exercises, 45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest for 4 rounds total, do you have what it takes to get those legs pumping?


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