HOME CHEST Workout | Push Ups ONLY

When thinking about workouts at home, no other exercise is as ubiquitous as the pushup. This is of course for good reason, as a bodyweight exercise it packs quite a punch. For the upper body alone, the pushup works the chest, shoulders, triceps, along with countless others for stabilization. This doesn’t even consider variations, further widening their application! So it goes without saying such a movement’s diversity can be utilized to create an ENTIRE workout. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a super effective HOME CHEST workout only using pushups.

The pushup can be done anywhere you can fit, requiring no equipment whatsoever. You simply work with what you’ve got which is more than plenty. This allows you to do this workout practically anywhere, especially within the comfort of your own home! To spice things up, this workout is designed with the dropset method in mind, starting with the hardest variations then moving on to an easier variation. While with weights, it’s easier to visualize how to do a dropset of a specific workout, bodyweight exercises require a bit more tweaking, so if you’re ready, pop open your Thenx App and follow along!


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