One of the many benefits of doing a full body workout is being able to engage every major muscle group in your body, allowing you to build mass in more areas at once. However, the downside of trying to target every muscle in the body could be the amount of time it takes to ensure that you didn’t leave any part behind. That’s where the beauty of compound exercises comes into play. Compound exercises recruit a larger amount of different muscle groups than one usually would via isolation exercises, allowing for more muscles and joints to go through a greater range of motion. 

Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you how to hit every muscle in this 7 MINUTE workout. Using compound exercises allows for a more efficient workout overall, allowing you to pack in more bang for your buck within these seven minutes. So whenever you’re ready, just bust out the Thenx App (found for both Apple https://goo.gl/Qk235s AND Android https://goo.gl/kcRBpL) and follow along! If you’ve been with us this whole time then you already know the deal- 40 seconds of work coupled with 20 seconds rest. The name of the game is DON’T STOP, following along without sacrificing form so if you’re struggling there’s no shame in slowing down to be able to fully complete each movement. 


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