Do This Warm Up Before Every Workout

How many of you warm up before your workout? If you approach the beginning of your workout with a cavalier attitude, not really caring how much prep you give yourself and jump right in cold you may be missing out on potential benefits or worse yet, risking possible injury. If doing a warmup hasn’t even crossed your mind then it’s nigh time to start. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a Warm Up to Do Before Every Workout. Properly doing so will help prevent injury AND increase performance. 

Properly executed, a warmup does exactly as it sounds- warming up your body, literally increasing your body’s temperature while also increasing blood flow into your muscles. It is important to note the distinction between your warmup and your actual workout, as the former is simply meant to ready you for the latter, allowing you to reserve your energy for the bulk of the work to come. Depending on the warmup, you can ready your muscles to be more elastic than they would cold, giving you better strength, speed, or range of motion than you would otherwise. Better too, warmups are known to reduce muscle soreness in the days following a workout, and given that they help prep the muscles they can definitely mitigate any injuries caused by overstretching. So if you haven’t been convinced by now, give them a shot and learn first hand what a good warmup can do for you! 


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