Complete 12 Min Full Body Workout | Follow Along

Jose Lardizabal

You’ve already seen us boasting what you’re capable of all from the very comfort of your own home, such as with last week’s chest workout- now see what can happen when you engage your full body. Now your first instinct may be that yeah- you can manage working out your full body but it may take quite some time. What if we told you all you need is 12 minutes hitting EVERY muscle in your body to achieve some GREAT results? Follow along with CHris Heria as he shows you a Complete 12 Min Full Body Workout. Get a super effective full body workout that hits every muscle in your body using JUST your body’s weight.

12 minutes may seem like a short amount of time, but when packed efficiently you may just eat those words. In selecting the right exercises, you can achieve a considerable burn by just using your body’s weight. Regular push-ups and bodyweight squats aren’t going to cut it, so you’re going to have to do variations of those movements that will ask for MORE. Since you can do this workout all from your home, you have absolutely ZERO excuses to put off doing it. In doing this consistently for 4 straight weeks, you will see the dramatic changes your body is capable of. In building up your body’s tolerance, you can then add on more rounds, giving you the perfect amount to progressively overload. So if you’re ready pull out your ThenX app and let's get started!


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