Complete 10 Min Full Body Workout | Dumbbells Only

With the New Year right around the corner your mind must be going into overdrive for new workouts for your upcoming resolutions. Well do not fret, as with the Thenx App, you have access to a vast bank of workouts to suit your every needs. More often than not people such as yourself probably have a pair of dumbbells laying around the house collecting dust. With today’s video, why not put them to good use? Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you a Complete Full Body Workout, incorporating only a pair of Dumbbells. Get a super effective full body workout that hits every muscle in your body to build muscle and burn fat!

Everyone has that pair of dumbbells in their house that they used to use- probably at a weight that’s too light for most workouts you do. What if you could breathe some life into them yet again with a few compound exercises? The beauty of today’s workout is the amount of muscles it aims to engage. Due to using more muscles in your body, the addition of a little weight will prove to be highly beneficial, even if it’s just a couple pounds. This isn’t to alienate non-dumbbell owners of course, as any weighted object that you can handle in these movements could also do. So without further ado, time to bust open your THENX App (available for IPHONE: and ANDROID: and let’s get started!



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