8 Min Full Body Beginner Workout

Jose Lardizabal
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New Year, New You Right? If you’re new to working out and are looking for an easy way to start off, today’s video is perfect for you. If you’re new to Thenx then this goes double- so download the Thenx App and join in! Follow Arica Sky as she shows you an 8 Min Full Body Beginner Workout. Today’s workout is perfect for beginners in the sense that it doesn’t require such a high fitness level, but will also engage you enough to be challenging. 

If you haven’t noticed already, this workout is a High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) workout, which means for these eight minutes, 45 seconds will be spent working out with 15 second breaks for a total of 8 times. Even if these workouts are less intense, if you’re not a beginner then you have the option of laying the intensity within the intervals themselves. You can do as many reps within the interval as you reasonably can- so long as you don’t sacrifice your form and range of motion. If you’re in need of an adequate resistance band like the one seen in today’s video, go to https://shop.thenx.com/ for your very own. If you still want to add on to the intensity of this workout, you can also go to https://chrisheria.com/ to get your own Heria Weight Vest. 

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