500 Rep Ab Challenge | Thenx 2020

Jose Lardizabal




Life always manages to find ways to throw challenges at us. It is through those challenges that we find ways to grow, becoming a better and updated version of ourselves in the process. Challenges serve as a sort of catalyst for our change for the better, helping us overcome future similar adversities with more ease. It is in the rare cases where we can choose our own challenges where we can hone where we develop- such is the case in our fitness journeys. For just about every muscle group it’s easy to set your own challenges in the forms of weight PRs but can the same be easily said about your abs? Join Chris Heria as he does a 500 REP AB CHALLENGE. Follow along to push your limits in your ab training, working your body past the point of fatigue- building your abs and helping to burn fat at the same time.


Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “500 reps?? There’s no way I can do that many!” then there is no need to fret, as it’s definitely a great goal to have. This workout aims to work out every abdominal section. The goal is to try to keep everything as consecutive as possible to keep a high level of intensity so time spent switching between exercises will be kept to a minimum. To help with this, make sure have the Thenx App to follow along as smoothly as possible, found in both the App Store [ https://goo.gl/Qk235s ] or Google Play Store [ https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ]. Eventually, if you do this enough you’ll think these 500 reps are easy (or perhaps you do already) then the next important step is to tweak the challenge to take you to further heights. So what will it be- 100 more? 200? Think you can double it to make it all the way to 1000? With enough dedication these are definitely possible!


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