Where were you on your fitness journey one year ago? How about 6 months? 3? 1? If you’ve taken a stroll down memory lane probably in one way or another you’ve managed to change. Whether it be a certain PR, level of strength/endurance/consistency, or even a healthy habit, without a doubt if you’ve managed to keep at it you’ve grown in a certain way. For those who have sought challenge after challenge, you must have put yourself through hell in order to achieve what you are able to today- so are you ready to go through even MORE HELL? Follow along with Chris Heria for 5 MINUTES OF HELL! WORKOUT. Join in this workout to push you to your utmost limits for 5 whole minutes. 

Five exercises, 45 seconds on with 15 seconds of rest in between, you’re put to the test with these  compound movements back to back. These exercises will test your muscular and cardiovascular capabilities. This entire workout will allow you to see where you’re exactly at while also helping you establish possible goals to achieve- that is the importance of testing yourself! Now if you’re ready to step into the arena, make sure you’ve downloaded the Thenx App in the App Store [ https://goo.gl/Qk235s ] or Google Play Store [ https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ] to properly follow along!


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