Jose Lardizabal

Everyone wants a big chest, but not everyone hits their chest right. More often than not, some people tend to overly focus on doing plain chest workouts. While most incorporate upper chest movements, finding ways to incorporate the lower chest area might come as more of a challenge. Join Chris Heria as he shows you the 5 BEST lower chest exercises (NO WEIGHTS NEEDED)  to achieve real results that you can do anywhere. Instead of focusing on the higher or middle pectorals, today’s workout fully focuses on the lower region by involving a more downward flexion. 

Again, today’s video requires little to no equipment, with variants that can allow you to do this in your own home so no excuses! Beyond a pullup bar, if you need rings, go to https://shop.thenx.com/ to get your very own. On there is also the Heria Weight vest, which you can also find on https://chrisheria.com/ if using your own bodyweight is too easy for you. WIth the variable weights you can load on, never has it been easier to achieve a progressive overload when following these workouts! 


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