100 Pull-Up Challenge | 2021

Jose Lardizabal

So if you’ve been going at it with calisthenics for a while, you’ve probably acclimated to doing a pull-up. If it was an arduous road to get here, congrats as while it must have been challenging, there are plenty of ways to utilize such a movement. Now where to go from here? Well it would be a perfect time to put yourself up to a major challenge, so why not aim to see if you can do a HUNDRED. Join Chris Heria as he does the 100 Pull-Up Challenge. In working towards such a challenge, you’ll increase your rep amount tenfold and greatly increase your body’s overall pulling strength. 

This was already done a year ago, but that was with a weight vest- so for this to be accessible to everyone, this year’s challenge is designed with purely bodyweight only. This can all be done of course even without a pull-up bar at hand, with a couple chairs and some slight tweaking of the regiment- instead of entirely pull-ups then in that case the main movement would be body rows or Australian Pull-ups. Now if partway through you’re unable to do the full 100 with strictly the pull-up variations, make use of any regressions such as jumping or the movements mentioned prior to help you get that full rep amount. Then you would have a goal to strive towards, and the perfect idea of where you currently are to achieve it. 


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