10 Min Home Workout For 6 Pack ABS + CARDIO

Jose Lardizabal

What is most important in acquiring a 6 pack: a healthy diet, rigorous cardio, or extensive ab workouts? If your answer was simply “yes” or a long pause trying to determine which exactly of the three is more important than the others then you may be on the right track. All three are highly necessary to develop the ideal 6 pack abs that are coveted by many. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a 10 Min Home Workout for 6 Pack ABS + CARDIO. This fat burning and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is designed to get you shredded in the most efficient way. 

It goes without saying that Chris Heria is no stranger to having a pristine 6 pack, so his experience points to how you yourself can achieve similar results. Outside of the possible role genetics plays into the exact scaling of each concept, it’s still holding true that the three aforementioned focuses are integral to the acquisition of your own 6 pack abdominal area. All three must be a main priority, as with any muscle group or area, the muscle in question shines through the most when the fat around it is minimal and the muscle itself is substantially developed. Of course to achieve this, your diet must be on point and sufficient calories must be burned, all while adequate training for the areas in question are followed through. 


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