10 Best Calisthenics Exercises

Jose Lardizabal
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As you may already know, calisthenics exercises pose a great benefit due to the many possible targeted areas they can hit. Any sort of calisthenics exercises are compound movements- hitting multiple joints and multiple muscle groups at any given time. Involving more of your body can then rake in more benefits as not only are you being more efficient working out more of your body, you’re burning more calories and improving muscle coordination. Join Zay as he shows you the 10 BEST calisthenics exercises that target each muscle in your body the most efficient way possible. 

These exercises not only aim to include a vast spread of muscles but also a wide array of how you work them. From working with high intensity to get the blood flowing, testing and improving your strength, to greatly focusing on stabilization and control, these 10 exercises are going to cover all the bases. Adding any of these exercises to your routines- if you don’t have them already- will greatly improve your results and growth!


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